Conductivity Meter

sigmacheck The SigmaCheck Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter is designed to provide the user with fast and accurate conductivity measurements at a reasonable price.The SigmaCheck EC Conductivity Meter is extremely easy to use making it suitable for use by shop inspectors or engineers.

The SigmaCheck ET Conductivity meets the requirements for conductivity measurements in the Aircraft manufacture and maintenance fields where conductivity measurements are used to verify proper alloy/temper or detect heat damaged components. The SigmaCheck Eddy Current Conductivity Meter is also useful to determine the purity of precious metals (counterfeit detection) such as gold bullion and coins.


  • Material verification/sorting
  • Heat treatment verification
  • Heat or fire damage investigation
  • Lightning damage investigation
  • Determining material purity/composition
  • Material ageing assessment
  • Measuring phosphor content of Cu Alloys
  • Monitoring of deposition process for non ferrous material on a non-ferrous substrate
  • Monitoring the condition of highly stressed parts
  • Forged/plated material detection