Digital Radiography (DR) Systems

Digital Radiography refers to an X-ray Imaging method that uses digital X-ray sensors (also known as DDAs – Digital Detector Array or Imagers) to produce a digital image rather than using traditional film or phosphor imaging plates.

When a digital detector is exposed to X-rays it forms an image almost instantly and transfers it to a computer screen. Digital Radiography offers several advantages over conventional film such as an overall increase in work efficiency (extremely short exposure times, no developing time), lower costs and environmental friendliness due to the elimination of chemical processing and increased X-ray efficiency due to low doses. Images are available immediately on the operator’s computer screen, which means having the ability for on-the-spot interpretation before moving on to the next “shot”.

Images can be enhanced with the use of specialized software and can also be easily stored, transferred and shared without ever loosing the original image. Operator safety is substantially increased due to the fact that far less radiation is required to produce a high quality, high contrast image.

In the majority of cases, the image quality with DR will be higher than conventional radiography mainly due to the wider dynamic range of the DDA.Digital detector array (DDA) sometimes referred to as Flat Panel, Detector or Imager, is a sensor or device that converts penetrated radiation into digital information.

In practice, the DDA converts ionizing radiation into analog signals, which are then digitized and transferred to a computer for display as a digital image, corresponding to the energy pattern imparted upon it. Digital Detector Arrays (DDAs) may be of various types: e.g. Amorphous Silicon, CMOS, etc. and each type may consist of various Fluoroscopic Screens options (Scintillators).

X-ray images conducted with DDAs offer marked advantages including reduced exposure (due to very sensitive detectors - up to 100 times more than film), reduced energy required to create an image, high image quality, high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), high dynamic range, short overall inspection time, cost savings and immediate imaging which eliminates the need for later repositioning

Vidisco’s portable digital radiography systems are the perfect solution for your NDT Needs. Putting an emphasis on image accuracy, portability and user-friendliness is just the beginning. Vidisco’s uses cutting-edge technology to create systems that are robust, fully battery operated and wireless.

All systems enable grabbing instant pristine X-ray images and come with proprietary software that can be used for on-the-spot analysis. Come and explore the newest generation of state-of-the-art inspection equipment, the X Pro Series, and choose the system most suitable for your needs.

FlashX Pro

FlashX Pro The FlashX Pro digital X-ray system is the ideal system for your NDT needs, as it offers amazing 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images which enable the highest level of detection and identification of hairline cracks. The system’s flat panel is thin, lightweight and has 14”X17” imaging area.

In an effort to meet the NDT industry’s unique needs, fast wireless solutions offer additional flexibility. The system′s cutting-edge digital radiography technology ensures that top-quality images are available for immediate analysis. Highly advanced, user-friendly propriety software provides precise, on-site detection using various image enhancing tools.


RayzorX Pro

RayzorX Pro In non destructive testing, attaining an image with the highest detail is of utmost importance. BAM laboratories inspected the RayzorX Pro system for Al-6061 according to ASME E2597-07 standard. The imager received exceptional results as it substantially exceeded the requirements of compatibility.

The RayzorX Pro portable digital radiography system is the thinnest imager ever produces, (just 13mm deep) so it can easily fit in the tightest of spots. The system offers excellent penetration of 2 mm of lead detected behind 70 mm of steel and top-quality X-ray imaging: 14 bit (16,384 grey levels) images and 3.5 lp/mm resolution.

Vidisco′s portable digital radiography systems offer integrated wireless options, and can be set up in minutes .The RayzorX Pro imager provides superior image quality, enabling the highest detection level in the market. Fast image generation, proprietary software with enhancement analysis tools and efficient operation all combine to dramatically accelerate inspection, increasing NDT profitability.


BoltX Pro

BoltX Pro In the NDT industry, sometimes mobility is of the highest importance as inspections need to take place in either very distant or hard-to-reach places. Vidisco’s smallest DDA (Digital Detector Array) in the X Pro series is the BoltX Pro digital flat panel. With a physical size of only 195 X 125 X 35 mm (7.67 X 4.92 X 1.37”) and a weight of about 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), this portable digital X-ray panel can be carried anywhere. With a pixel pitch of 75 µm it is ISO 17636-2 compliant.

This CMOS technology based compact and lightweight unit encompasses spectacular X-ray capabilities with convenient packaging in a small case or backpack, which also serves as its operational platform. The BoltX Pro is user friendly with incredible “Plug and Play” capabilities and is easy to set up, allowing inspections to be carried out with minimum interference to the production and maintenance.


SparX Pro

SparX Pro The SparX Pro is the affordable option for the NDT operator that does not want to compromise on quality. It is a leading, cost effective DR system which is compatible with 1.6 km WiFi option and with our new rugged tablet. The entire system was designed to meet the real needs of Vidisco’s system operators who use our DR in the field on a regular basis.

Xbit Pro

Digital radiology imaging is greatly enhanced using the Xbit Pro, Vidisco’s proprietary NDT software. This professional software package offers the NDT operator sophisticated enhancement tools and user-friendly data storage. These tools enable image grabbing, top- imaging analysis, documentation, data sharing and accurate results.

VidiscoXbitPro software and systems support current industrial standards (such as BSS 7044; BSS 7075; ASTM E2422-05; ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, section V, article II; ASTM E2736 (including E2698 and E2737); ISO/DIS 17636-2; ISO/DIS 10893-6).


Vidisco offers a wide selection of accessories that are compatible with its portable digital radiography systems. The accessories were created to ease the X-ray process and include products such as: imager holders, external cameras, pulsed X-ray sources, tripod adapters, imager covers and more. Some of the accessories such asimager holding kits, imager covers and casing come with each system and other accessories are sold separately. All the accessories as well as the imagers work on the “plug and play” principal with the Vidisco systems.

Some Applications:

  • Digital Radiography for Field Pipe
  • Digital Radiography For Shipyard and Weld Inspections
  • Digital Radiography In the Service of Aerospace
  • Digital Radiography For Field NDT of Concrete Constructions
  • Digital Radiography In the Service of Art
  • Digital Radiography for Oil and Gas
  • Digital Radiography for power