Film Digitizer

2905 Laser Film Digitiser

2905 Laser Film Digitiser Array’s 2905 laser film Digitizer is the equipment of choice for users who demand the highest image quality for non-destructive test and examination radiographs. Using precise optics and a helium neon laser, the 2905 captures your industrial radiographs with speed,accuracy and reliability.

The 2905 film digitizer is designed to deliver the highest possible image quality combined with extremely fast scanning. In as little as 7 seconds a 14 X 17 inch film can be digitized at 2k resolution. The 2905 film digitizer can be used with a range of software products to achieve a full integration with your current systems or to provide a powerful stand-alone system. Using only the finest materials the 2905 is build to last. The 2905 is constructed with an all steel frame an heavy metal closed housing to protect the laser and optics. Coupled with a one-year parts warranty and an outstanding support network, you are assured years of reliable worry free use.