In-line Systems

Rollmate – Steel Mill Roll Inspection System

Rollmate – Steel Mill Roll Inspection System The Rollmate permits inspection of rolls of any alloy, forged and cast, during the grinding process. The Rollmate is the newest and most advanced roll inspection system in the market, and the only one capable of detecting surface micro-cracks on any type of rolls.

  • Hybrid technique piezoelectric and magnetic (patented).
  • Modular design with up to 3 independent sensor heads and four different inspection options:
    Surface (0-2mm) and sub-surface axial (2-58mm).
    Surface (0-2mm) and sub-surface circumferential (2-58mm).
    Core-shell disbond.
    Bruise (soft area) detection.
  • Detects surface micro-cracks as small as 0.1mm.
  • Traditional (actuator) and new caliper mounting options.
  • Performs inspection while grinding.
  • Insensitive to roll magnetism, inspects rolls of any alloy.
  • Expert system to monitor roll performance and estimate remaining life.
  • Fully automated.