MFL Scanners for Pipes & Tank Floor

MFL Scanner for Tank Floor INTROCOR M-150

MFL Scanner for Tank Floor INTROCOR M-150 The INTROCOR M-150 is a magnetic flux leakage scanner capable of non-destructive inspecting of ferrous steel plates used as tank floor, wall, roof, as well as steel plates of general applications. The scanner design, coupled with the latest magnetic and measuring technology, have resulted in an easy to operate, accurate, reliable, highly productive inspection tool.

INTROCOR M-150 is designed to reveal general and pitting corrosion of steel plates with only one-side access. It provides assessment of detected defects such as cracks, grooves, etc. located on inside and outside surface, document inspection report, and mapping. Inspection is carried even through protective coating, the instruments also measures the thickness of the coating. The implemented eddy-current systems make the instrument possible to recognize location of the defects and increase measurement accuracy.

The INTROCOR M-150 comprises the scanner, the data logger, and the software WINTROCOR for imaging and processing inspection data. The scanner includes latest generation sintered neodymium iron boron magnetic material and sensors. Data logger is batteries powered and is conveniently located on the main frame.