Manual Scanners

NozzleScan: Radial nozzle scanner with probe skew

NozzleScan NozzleScan is a versatile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds in both set-through and set-on configurations.

Available in both two-axis and three-axis instrument configurations and adaptable to cover a wide range of 90 degree nozzle sizes, from 3” upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials.

Attaching to the branch component, the innovative modular design of NozzleScan offers a variety of configurations to encode circumferential and weld offset positions as the scanner travels around the nozzle.

NozzleScan features an overhead gimballed probe holder which allows the operator to hold the transducer conventionally for a more tactile inspection. Probe skew orientation is changeable (a critical requirement for inspecting many nozzles) and can be free-running or accurately adjustable, with the additional option of being encoded as a third axis, if required.

Attaching NozzleScan to the branch pipe can be achieved with either magnetic wheels for a wide range of ferritic pipe sizes, or with fixed size clamping rings for supreme accuracy on any material. Developed to satisfy demand for a solution.


Duo The Duo scanner is a robust, ergonomic scanning frame with operator-friendly features offering fast setup and reliable, repeatable TOFD inspections of pipe welds, from 2”OD up to flat plate.


MagMan Magnetic manual weld scanner for ultrasonic inspection. MagMan is a highly versatile scanner suitable for weld testing of steel pipes. It features magnetic wheels, can hold twelve transducers (phased array, TOFD, single element), and can be configured to inspect both circumferential and longitudinal pipe welds.


C-Clamp encoder

C-Clamp encoder The C-Clamp Encoder is a compact waterproof wheel encoder for linear phased array inspections. Requires no tools for setup and operation and can also fit a broad range of ultrasonic transducers and wedges.


TOFD Caliper

TOFD Caliper Manual A-frame TOFD scanner for inspection of welds. This pocket-sized, manually-operated scanner allows for quick and easy TOFD inspection of welds of any material. The TOFD Caliper is ideal for inspecting small or difficult to access areas and can be used for welds of any orientation on 3” pipes up to flat plate.



WREN Small manual TOFD scanner for ultrasonic weld inspection. WREN is a small frame scanner for TOFD inspection of welds of any material. It holds a single pair of transducers, an encoder and features spring loaded, compliant wedge mounting to assist when inspecting misaligned welds.



Single or dual direction TOFD and phased array weld scanner. Swift is a compact single axis, magnetic wheeled scanner that holds a pair of TOFD or phased array probes for weld inspection. This low profile scanner operates on 3” pipe (Ø88.9mm) up to flat. Swift has the innovative option of pivoting wheel units to enable B or D scans.



MultiMag Magnetic manual weld scanner for ultrasonic inspection. MultiMag is a compact scanner suitable for circumferential weld testing of steel pipes. It features magnetic wheels that can be repositioned along the scanner frame, can hold up to four transducers (phased array, TOFD, single element), and incorporates compliance in the wheels to assist when inspecting misaligned welds.


Bracelet Scanner

Bracelet Scanner Small bore weld scanner for ultrasonic inspection. This manually operated belt scanner is the ultimate scanning aid for phased array inspection of circumferential welds in small bore pipework. This lightweight and low-profile scanner is extremely simple to set up and use for weld testing on pipe sizes from 0.5” to 4”. The Bracelet is compatible with industry standard miniature phased array transducers and is designed to be used in areas of limited access with a scanner height of 13mm.



Wraplt Flexible phased array scaning tool. WrapIt is a flexible ultrasonic phased array tool that can be wrapped around a curved surface to quickly inspect along a component.A flexible array transducer is housed in a rubber enclosure that both protects and pre-forms the array, allowing adaptability to scan parts with changing curvature



Tracer Portable C-San mapping system. Tracer is a versatile freehand scanning system that calculates and outputs accurate X-Y positional data for C-scan inspections without the constraints of a scanning frame. Tracer is ideally suited to operate with linear array probes to provide a fast, simple and flexible portable C-scan inspection kit.



MapMan Semi-automated corrsion mapping scanner for ultrasonic inspection. MapMan is a modular two-axis scanner for corrosion mapping. It is available with magnetic wheels for inspecting steel pipes and vessels or alternatively belts for inspecting any other material. It is ideal for use with linear phased array transducers including HydroFORM, WheelProbe, and standard 0° wedges.



Swipe Semi-automated dual axis scanner for ultrasonic inspection. Swipe is a fast, portable system for performing C-Scan inspection (such as damage detection in composites) of flat or curved components. Swipe is suitable for inspection with ultrasonic linear array transducers to provide rapid large area coverage. The Swipe should be used nominally on flat surfaces and can accommodate curvature as is typically found in aerospace, wind turbine and marine structures. With the addition of magnetic wheels Swipe can also be used on ferritic material.



sp-arc Small pipe corrosion mapping scanner. Sp-Arc is a unique mapping tool for measuring wall thickness longitudinally along small bore ferritic pipes, enabling continuous corrosion assessment along unlimited lengths.The scanner houses a curved ultrasonic array probe immersed in a water box with a compliant, low-friction foam seal



R-Evolution R-Evolution is an ultrasonic array probe housed in a lightweight water-filled roller, delivering fast immersion quality C-scan inspections in the palm of your hand. Designed to minimise operator fatigue, it is small and light making it ideal for use on large areas and particularly overhead inspections.