Simulation Software-CIVA

Simulation Software-CIVA CIVA is a multi-technique (Ultrasound, Eddy Current, Radiography...) modules package that can be bought or rented, independently or combined, for a single computer or on a network. The CIVA platform not only provides simulation tools, but it is now also powerful software for the analysis of your UT acquisition data.

The simulations accessibles through CIVA software allow for an optimized choice of an inspection procedure. The software lets you take into account most influential parameters involved during an inspection, regarding the transducer, the geometry or the material of the inspected specimen, but also the sought after flaws. Through tweaking all these parameters, it is then possible to determine the most appropriate method for the inspection, or to evaluate the performance and relevance of an existing procedure.

Simulation is a major cost reduction asset. The ability to vary the parameters of an inspection enables you to anticipate the inspection from the design stage of a component, or to minimize the number of mock-ups to demonstrate the performanceof an inspection. CIVA can also calculate POD (Probability of Detection) curves, based on taking into account several uncertain entry parameters, which play a major role in the context of MAPOD (Model Assisted POD) to support POD experimental campaings in order to improve their reliability and reduce their cost. Moreover, the design process of a transducer can be guided by simulation tools, especially when it involves Phased Array or EMAT technologies. The application fields of CIVA are numerous.

Aeronautics is another field in which CIVA also brings profitable solutions. Taking into account complex materials, the possibility to predict the behavior of the method on specimens with varied geometries, the considerable span of transducers and probes available give engineers and inspection designers an asset that quickly becomes essential.

In other fields such as transportation, metalworking, aerospace, oil & gas, CIVA not only brings a technical solution, allowing for abetter understanding of complex phenomena, but CIVA is also and above all else a means to reduce costs.