SonaCam SonaCam is a mobile and ergonomic ultrasound camera system designed for NDT inspection of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) creating high-resolution 2D and 3D images of suspected damage areas. The SonaCam comes in two versions; SonaCam Expert Cameras are optimized for NDT engineers and experts that want advanced features and detailed control over all camera settings. SonaCam Operator Cameras are perfect for inspectors that regularly performs NDT jobs but do not need advanced features.

SonaCam connects to a standard Windows PC or Tablet through the USB port, and makes the system very portable and flexible. The SonaCam software creates A-, B- and C-scan images of very high quality supporting Amplitude and Time-of-Flight modes. By adjusting pulse and gate settings, color thresholds and other camera settings, material defects are easily identified. An effective Manual Stitching Mode is added to ease large-area inspections. Camera settings are easily stored and retrieved for quick camera configuration. The SonaCam 3D viewer creates crystal-clear images of material defects, and makes it easy to perform a defect analysis and to develop optimal repair strategies. The 3D image can be zoomed, panned and rotated.