Standard EMAT Sensors & Accessories

Standard EMAT Sensors & Accessories

Sensors: Innerspec offers a great variety of standard sensors

  • High-temperature normal beam. Include passive or active cooling features to resist high-temperatures (up to 750°C)
  • Single Channel Shear Vertical and Shear Horizontal
  • Phased Array Shear Vertical and Shear Horizontal
  • Guided Waves (Lamb and SH)
  • Stress Measurement

RF Coils:Innerspec offers hundreds of standard RF Coils for use with standard magnets

RF Coils

Normal Beam

  • Shear Horizontal in spiral and butterfly configurations
  • Longitudinal waves

Phased Array

  • Shear Vertical Focused and Unfocused

Angled Beam and Guided Waves

  • Angled Beam Shear Vertical and Lamb/Rayleigh at different wavelengths
  • Angled Beam and Guided Wave Shear Horizontal at different wavelengths

Cables and Adapters: High-quality cables built to provide maximum signal to noise and immunity to EMI. The adapters permit using the instrumentation with traditional BNC connectors from other manufacturers

Cables and Adapters

  • RF Coil Cables for one, two and eight channels
  • Transmitter and Receiver cables from signal conditioning to instrument
  • Power cables
  • Magnet pulser cables
  • BNC adapters

Roller Kits & Accessories: Innerspec provides an extensive offer of accessories for standard sensors and magnets

Roller Kits & Accessories

  • Roller kit for permanents magnets
  • Handles for high temperature sensors
  • Skids with active cooling for scanning with high temperature sensors
  • Roller kits for rails
  • Sensor positioning fixture for pitch/catch sensor applications

Magnets: Innerspec offers permanent and pulsed electromagnets that can combined with a great variety of RF Coils (see RF Coils). Separate magnet and coil combinations provide a cost-effective solution to have many different sensors with one magnet


Permanent Magnets

  • Normal beam single pole in 5 sizes for normal beam SH wave and Lamb/Raleygh wave (Lorentz) generation
  • Normal beam for L wave generation (Lorentz)
  • Normal beam periodic pole for SH waves at an angle (Lorentz)

Pulsed Electromagnets

  • Shear Horizontal magnetostrictive sensor (2 sizes)
  • Lamb/Rayleigh magnetostrictive & Lorentz magnet (2 sizes)

Signal Conditioning and Multiplexers: Signal Conditioning electronics provide RF coil & cable impedance matching, T/R switching & a first stage of amplification. Some boxes contain slots for separate Tuning Modules to match the RF Coil at a specific frequency as well as multiplexing capabilities. The external Signal Conditioning Box can be located up to 200 cm from the sensors/RF Coils and 100m from the instrument. For the PowerBox H the signal conditioning box attaches directly to the top of the instrument.

Signal Conditioning and Multiplexers

External Signal Conditioning & Multiplexers

  • Single channel without tuning module low and high frequency. Normally used for normal beam applications
  • Dual channel with separate slots for tuning modules with pulse/echo & pitch/catch capabilities
  • Single channel with slot for tuning module with pulse/echo & pitch/catch capabilities plus 1:8 multiplexer
  • Eight channel for phased array pitch-catch (SH sensor)
  • Eight channel for phased array pulse-echo (SV sensor)

tematePowerBox H Signal Conditioning & Multiplexer (attached to instrument)

  • Single channel with separate slot for tuning module. Provides pulse/echo & pitch/catch capabilities
  • 1:8 multiplexer with slot for tuning module

Scanners: Innerspec offers manual and automated scanners for a variety on ultrasonic testing applications. Our standard scanners include:

Motorized Scanners

Motorized Scanners temate Navigator. Heavy-duty scanner for loads up to 100Kgs. Used with the temate MRUT (medium range ultrasonic testing) system

scanner temate Crossover. Light-duty, battery operated unit for loads up to 10Kgs

Manual Scanners

MRUT MRUT Hand-Held Scanner. Permits encoded axial & circumferential inspection of pipes & tanks using Lamb and SH waves

Common Features

  • Ideal for inspection of corrosion, cracks and discontinuities on exposed tubes, gas lines oil pipelines and storage tanks
  • Detects ID and OD defects
  • Inspection can be performed on rough and corroded surfaces and when covered with thin wraps and coatings (<3mm)