Tube Inspection Solutions

Tube Inspection Solutions Remote field testing (RFT) is usually used in carbon steel inspection for heat exchanger. It is an electromagnetic method of non-destructive testing which utilizes a through-transmission process. This technique is capable for the detection of localized defects with the differential mode while the absolute mode is used for gradual defects (thinning).


Software Working with Eddy current equipment Zet@ range, the remote field inspection software is specially deduced for remote field applications as heat exchanger tubes inspection. This software is designed to manage Eddy-Current inspection campaigns of heat exchanger tubes, from tubesheet map creation to inspection report.

The ZHEIS application makes it easy for inspection service operators to define a tubesheet diagram, prepare inspection campaign, manage measurements and create inspection reports. ZHEIS is part of the software suite of CMS, it must be use with the Zeta setting software, for measurement and data acquisition, and RecordViewer software for signal analysis.


Remote field internal probes, designed for inspection of carbon steel pipe and tubing are typically of the bobbin (ID) variety. These probes use either a single or dual excitation coil to develop an electromagnetic field through the product. Flexible of not, CMS remote field internal probes meet all requirements in exchanger tubes inspection.

Pusher Puller

Pusher Puller Combined with Zet@ instrument, the pusher puller CMSTP10X is designed for remote field inspection, especially for heat exchanger tubes inspection,chillers...